Whether you’re an engineer or just a car owner, understanding the name of the many different parts in your vehicle can be challenging. But knowing what’s what will make it easier for you to identify problems when they arise, get the parts you need, and get your vehicle back on the road in good working order.

Engine and Transmission

The heart of any car is the engine, which uses a combination of fuel and air to generate power for propulsion. The engine consists of various components, including a crankshaft and connecting rods, cylinder blocks, heads, pistons and valves.

Cooling System

The cooling system is made to keep the engine from overheating and help remove excess heat before it can damage your car’s engine. It includes a radiator, liquid coolant, hoses for circulating the coolant, a fan, and a thermostat to track coolant temperature.

Exhaust Parts

To regulate emissions and remove them efficiently, your car needs an exhaust system that includes a catalytic converter. It also includes an muffler, which is responsible for reducing the roar of your engine by removing fumes and gases before they leave the vehicle’s exhaust.


The brakes are one of the most important parts in your vehicle, and they play a big role in stopping it. They use hydraulics, leverage and friction to stop the vehicle when needed, but they can wear out over time if you’re not keeping up with regular maintenance.

Last modified: March 31, 2023